Three Common Misconceptions About Water Filters Debunked

Posted on: 17 March 2020

Water filters have long been a useful accessory for rural and suburban homes all across Australia. Having potable drinking water is a basic necessity and water filters have protected countless Australians from nasty viruses, bacteria and other gross agents that make their way into the water system. However, many people who don't have water filters can be a bit sceptical about just how well they work. If you are considering getting a water filter but aren't sure about a certain aspect, then this should help clear up a few of the more common myths out there. 

It Makes The Water Taste Weird

People's number-one concern when getting water filters installed is often whether or not the taste of their drinking water will drastically change. The truth is that taste and smell come from things not naturally occurring in the water to begin with. If your water tastes weird, it is because of one of two things:

  • You have a sensitive palette and can taste the added chemicals (namely fluoride) that help protect your teeth
  • There is a leak in your pipes and dirt, rust or some other impurity is getting into the drinking water

Water filters eliminate the taste of both of these things. That means your water will taste as clean as possible.

It Is Too Expensive

Price is a common point of hesitation for many budget-conscious families, but this is often said without looking at all the options. There are large water filtration systems that will filter thousands of litres a second and those can cost a lot. However, most families get single tap filters that apply directly to one outlet of water. These cost much less, in the hundreds not thousands of dollars. Often the only water point people want to be filtered is their kitchen tap because that is where they get most of their drinking water from. Getting water filters does not have to cost an arm and a leg to get a great product.

It Takes Too Long To Install

You can order and have water filters installed on the same day in most metropolitan areas. There are many specialists who do same-day call outs, and they work fast to ensure you are without water for the bare minimum of time. For those with young children and many needs for the water (laundry, dishes, cooking, washing, etc) the idea of being without water for even a few hours is daunting. Luckily the time it actually takes is very little. If you get a single water filter attached to one tap or shower, then you might not even have to turn the water off to the rest of your house! 

For more information, speak to a professional about water filters