The Different Advantages of Composite Decking

Posted on: 6 May 2022

Need to choose the right material for your deck? With the various decking options available, you may struggle to make an informed buying decision. Each decking material has unique pros and cons that make it suitable for certain applications and not others. One of the popular choices available to you today is composite decking.

Relatively pricier than traditional pressure-treated wood, composites — made mainly from wood fibers and recycled plastics — are increasingly being used in deck construction. The growing popularity of these decking materials can be attributed largely to the fact that they offer benefits that other decking options cannot provide.

Read along to learn why composite decking is a top pick for many modern property owners.

Composites are a durable decking option

Since they are artificially made, composites do not rot, warp or crack like regular pressure-treated wood. Insect infestations are also not an issue with composite decking. Unsurprisingly, many people tend to gravitate towards it due to its high durability.

Composites do not splinter

The splinters that form on regular wood decks can lead to accidents and injuries. If you have active children and pets, you will definitely want to avoid these splinters. Composite decking does not splinter, meaning that you don't have to worry about someone getting hurt while enjoying the deck barefoot.

Composites are a low-maintenance decking option

While all decks require some sort of maintenance to perform well and keep looking nice, some decks demand more time and attention than others.

If you want to enjoy your deck without spending a lot of time looking after it, composites are an excellent decking option. Since these decking materials do not warp, crack or rot, they never require a paint job or other protective finish to remain structurally sound. Plus, they do not require periodic pest treatments to keep termites and other destructive pests at bay.

Composites can resemble exotic wood varieties

Want to give your deck the look of exotic woods like cedar and redwood without breaking the bank?

While nothing beats the appearance and beauty of real wood, not everyone can afford its high price tag. A clever way to enjoy the best of both worlds is to build your deck with composites. In fact, some composite decking products resemble exotic woods so much that someone would need to look at them up close to see the difference.

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