Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Balustrades for your Home

Posted on: 28 June 2017

The stairway, balcony and terrace are unique features that can add or eliminate gloom in your home. As such, selecting a balustrade for the stairway or balcony should be considered an important task because of the amount of money involved in the design and development. The fact that balustrades could be made from different materials makes the selection process a daunting exercise. Add this to the vast array of balustrade designs available, and you are spoilt for choice. Availability of varied options often leads homeowners in the wrong direction. Therefore, you need to do your due diligence before purchasing a balustrade for your home. This article provides insight that will assist you to make an informed decision.  

Do not Focus Solely on Aesthetics -- It is true that aesthetic value is one of the leading reasons why homeowners install balustrade their houses. However, aesthetics should not be the only reason for choosing a particular design. Other factors, such as practicality and functionality, are also important considerations that should not be ignored. Since one of the functions of balustrades is safety, choosing an attractive design or material that will compromise on safety is a mistake you do not want to make.

Neglecting Maintenance Cost -- As mentioned previously, balustrades can be made from different materials. These might include expensive metals or rare wood. Notably, some materials require more attention than others concerning maintenance. For instance, intricately carved out balustrades from mahogany wood will need the services of a professional to keep them in good condition. If you cannot afford such maintenance costs, the balustrades will lose their aesthetic value. Additionally, if you have kids in your home, balustrades made from glass panels would be a bad idea. With children leaving fingerprints everywhere, you would spend a lot of time wiping fingerprints and dirt from the glass balustrades.

Self-Installation is a No -- Unless you are a professional contractor, installing a structural component such as a balustrade is a terrible idea. For instance, the chances are that you would be installing the balustrades from a high point. If you do not have the required safety equipment, you risk putting your life in danger. Most importantly, the fitting of structural components requires the services of a professional contractor or a highly skilled and experienced DIY enthusiast. The only time you are allowed to take part in the installation of balustrades is in the company of a trained expert.

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