Do You Need To Order Spare Parts for Your Outboard Motor?

Posted on: 27 October 2021

Every boat owner understands the importance of correctly maintaining their boat. Any boat is a valuable asset and always worth looking after. Beyond the value of the boat itself, you must remember that out on the water the boat is the only thing keeping you safe. If the boat were to spring a leak, or the outboard motor was to fail, you could sink or find yourself drifting hopelessly many miles from home. In that situation, the best that you can hope for is that someone will be available to tow you to the shore. If no one is around to help, a minor inconvenience could soon turn into a life-threatening situation.

Look after your boat

Whatever type of boat you own, you must ensure that the risk of disaster is minimised by regular maintenance. Taking the boat out of the water for regular cleaning and inspection can ensure that the boat hasn't picked up any damage that is concealed below the waterline. Taking care of the motor can be a little more time-consuming. Arranging for regular servicing of the outboard motor is always a good idea, and you should maintain contact with a company that offers a full range of outboard motor spare parts. Beyond regular servicing, there are several things that you can do to keep your outboard motor in good shape and to fix it if a minor problem develops.

Keep an eye on the charging connections 

If you have ever had an outboard motor that refuses to start, you will know that once you have discounted the possibility of a flat battery, the most likely culprit is the charging connections. If the connections become damaged or worked loose, you could have a motor that won't start when you need it most.

Check the primer bulb 

Fuel is the lifeblood of the outboard motor. If the primer bulb fails, you may need to source a replacement from a store that has outboard motor spare parts. If there is another problem with the fuel line, it would be best to book the outboard motor in for a service. One thing that you may want to check before you panic is that the kill switch has not been pulled accidentally. Pulling the switch will stop the motor immediately, and nothing will work until it is reset.

For more information on outboard motors, such as Yamaha outboard motor spare parts, contact a supplier in your area.