Guys' Guide to Buying the Right Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted on: 31 August 2017

So you've finally decided to pop the question — congratulations on your impending nuptials! But before you can start planning the wedding, you need to ensure that you have the right ring when proposing to your girlfriend. Diamond engagement rings are the favourite option for most couples. However, if you are a newbie when it comes to jewellery, you may not know how to go about whittling down the options that are available. Other than setting a budget for the engagement ring, here is a definitive buying guide that could help you decide on the best ring to portray your feelings.

Determine the cut of the diamond

Diamonds come in an assortment of shapes, some more affordable than others. Round diamonds are the ubiquitous option and happen to be the most expensive since they are a popular favourite across the board. If you are shopping for an engagement ring on a budget, you may want to consider something different, such as a princess-cut diamond, which is characterised by being square. Another option that you could consider is a cushion cut, which falls in between being a square and round shaped diamond and features edges that taper softly.

Determine the metal for the band

Once you have decided on your most preferred cut for the diamond, you need to establish what metal the band should be made out of. Yellow gold is one of the most common choices available, so it may not be appealing to people who would like something that is trendy and youthful. If you would prefer a non-conventional option that will still complement the diamond, you may want to consider platinum as your choice precious metal. Platinum looks similar to white gold, but it is much more durable and scratch resistant. Moreover, platinum also costs less than gold does, which makes it a cost-efficient choice too!

Determine the style of the ring

When contemplating which style of ring to buy, it is prudent to keep your future fiancée's personal style at the forefront. You want to purchase a ring that she will be able to wear with her current jewellery options, rather than have it stick out conspicuously on her finger. For instance, if she has an understated personality, you may want to opt for a sleek design that will not make her feel self-conscious. On the other hand, if your fiancée has an amplified sense of style, you may want to consider encrusting the band with gemstones to make it more dazzling.