Come Fly Away: Top Three Travel Hacks for Easier Flights

Posted on: 17 November 2017

Whether you travel by plane quite often or fairly infrequently, it can still be a considerable hassle.  Airport security gets more complicated every day, and queue times can be unpredictable – not to mention queuing on the aeroplane itself to get a slot on the runway or to be assigned a gate at your destination.  Frankly, anything you can do to simplify the process and make it more convenient is likely to be welcome.  If you're new to plane travel or it's just been several years, here are a couple of tips to help you take off in tranquillity instead of a sea of stress.

Arrange Bags at the Gate

When you're waiting to board your flight, remove everything you will need during the flight from your carry-on – your e-reader or magazine and a notebook, perhaps – and replace them right in the top of the bag.  That way, you won't need to dig around in your bags to find what you need in the confinement of your seat.  Your neighbour will thank you for this one, too!

Book Airport Taxis

Airport parking is notoriously expensive, especially if you'll be leaving your car at the airport for more than a few days.  However, especially if your flight is at an awkward time, it may be difficult to get a friend or family member to drop you off.  You can solve this problem by booking a transfer to the airport.  Local taxi companies are likely to do this journey often, and may even have special rates to entice you to book with them.  It's not just convenient on the way out, either; on the way back home, when you've just gotten off the plane and are tired of travelling, you won't need to drive home.  An airport taxi will do it for you – and you'll likely save money compared to that dreaded airport parking.  Sorted!  Just be sure to book these transfers in advance so that you can be sure there's availability.

Check Yourself Pre-Security

One of the greatest delays at the airport is in going through security.  As such, ensuring that you're primed and ready to head through this process will make it significantly easier for you than trying to handle it last-minute in the line.  You should check that you have no liquids that are outside the regulation sealed bags, including hand sanitizers, makeup and sun cream. Nail scissors and suchlike should go in your hold luggage. 

You should aim to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off in case you're required to remove them, and your clothing should ideally have a minimum amount of metal on it – no excessive belts, buttons or accessories.  Empty your pockets into your carry-on bag before you join the security line so that you needn't empty them last-minute.  Finally, if you have any laptops or large electronic items, don't forget that they'll need to be scanned separately; remove them well in advance.  Following these instructions should mean that you don't need to be stopped and reminded of anything, and therefore won't be slowed down.

These three things just scratch the surface; there are countless ways to streamline your travel experience.  However, giving these a go will at least reduce some of the common frustrations and allow you to enjoy your journey more.  Happy flying!