Top Methods for Reclaiming Large Mining Equipment

Posted on: 29 May 2020

The mining business produces a lot of waste. Mining companies can, in many ways, recycle the same thing that every industry does. There are also various ways of reclaiming the land, such as putting up fishponds. The problem, however, is recycling large mining equipment. Mining companies can use multiple techniques to reclaim their tools depending on their current state.

Here are some large mining equipment reclamation options. 

Selling Through a Private Treaty

The first thing you can do is try to sell your equipment back to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers can buy any used tools then refurbish for resale. Sometimes, you can also work with other companies that make mining gear. That option can be hectic since some manufacturers do not handle competitor machinery.

Selling through private treaties is not an easy option. You need to be patient during the whole process. Private deals also need time and money. Thus, the reclaiming method is not suitable for all companies.

Scraping Your Machinery

Sometimes, it is challenging to find an environment-friendly way to get rid of your mining tools. That is because the equipment is damaged beyond repair. In such cases, scraping your mining gear is the best option. Most vehicles and port machines have a lot of steel that you can fully recycle. You can also reuse the rubber from tires and conveyor belts.

Recycling mining tools may not bring as much money as selling the gear. But you can be at peace knowing that you have helped the environment. The critical thing with recycling is to get an excellent scraping facility. Some of these services can take the scrap from your site, then give you cash. But find out the scraping process of these facilities before seeking their services.

Auctioning the Gear

Auctions are an ideal way of selling high-demand mining equipment. The important thing is to ensure the gear is in good working condition. Find out the best way to auction in your area. The best option would be selling the tools in your mining site or a nearby town. The most convenient choice is holding an online auction.

Online auctions are great since you are the one in control. You can choose to hold the sale at a convenient time. With online auctions, you also expand your customer base. It all depends on how many people see the listing. Another benefit of online auctions is that they allow you to sell all your large mining equipment at a go.

In conclusion, you can use various ways to reclaim machinery after the mining process. Find the method that works best for your company.